I'm usually busy working and contributing to a lot of fun projects that help the world. Here I will document, my experience, learnings and contributions from time to time.


2016 - Ongoing

  • Ion Energy - An energy storage and infrastructure company building high performance energy storage assets for electric vehicle and more. Currently in stealth.



  • Saved Address - A weekend project to help the world organize, distribute and store addresses for use across platforms. Register your address here.
  • Haptik - Everyone's Personal Assistant on Chat. Download Now (India Only). Used by 2.5M users. Raised $12M+
  • Exploding Puppies - A fun card game for people who like puppies, bombs, explosions or are simply allergic to cats. Buy a pack of Exploding Puppies here. Born out of a successful kickstarter campaign. Inspired by ExplodingKittens.



  • OneShop - Add a store to your existing website/blog in 60-seconds without touching code. Get a store today. Funded by SmartStartFund.



  • IonID - India's first and only RFID based student identification card.
  • Ion Education - An interactive training institute to learn Financial Markets, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate & more.


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