The last few months of my life have been overtly exciting. This is mostly because I’ve been on an extremely steep learning curve after I jumped ship from software into “more that just software”. Early 2016, a conversation with a few fellow entrepreneurs and advisors made me realize that everyone in the room knew about all of the technical terms being thrown around. CPA, CPI, LTV, GMV, ATV and the list went on but not a single person had any trouble deciphering what all of this meant. This was sort of a red flag to my mantra -

Always know 20% more than 80% of people in the room.

It dawned upon me that while I'd be considered valuable amongst this set of people if I could execute 20% more revenue per user, I was no longer smarter or better informed about the future than the lot. You can blame this on me for not having pushed my limits of learning, but this was about to change.

My brain’s internal prediction algorithm is wired to analyze trends on abstracted topological conversations of experts in any space. Given that everyone was speaking at the same level and knowing human nature of easily feeling bored without worthy/challenging goals, I theorize that an undercurrent is moving and this will lead to the next outburst of technological innovation. We are at the cusp of the next exponential leap not only with interfaces and software technology, but as a human race.

This theory led me to conduct a wide study that included me visiting some of the smartest minds I have access to for their thoughts on the next 10years. I wanted to move from my current role running product @ Haptik to something that really pushed my life’s learning curve to prepare me for the direction we as a human race must go in the near future. When one consciously decides to get back into their “learning mode”, unique possibilities of what can be learnt present themselves. To filter through my choices, I decided to start reading books about the topics that I found to be most interesting and combined that with extended conversations with my mentors and past investors.

I read about

  • Climate Change
  • Energy Grids & Distribution
  • Energy Storage
  • Electric Mobility
  • Autonomous Cars
  • Nanotechnology (Healthcare)
  • BioMedical Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Limitations of Space Travel
  • Fuel sources

and probably much more that came with random googling.


Sounds like a lot?

It’s actually not a lot when you have long Uber rides from home to work and back.

What I’ve come to realize after all this knowledge intake is that most of what I’ve read about is closer to commercial reality than we as technology adopters imagine. You know how we joke about humans not being able to perceive exponential leaps of technology and predict how fast technology is changing? It’s true.

My hope with this short piece is to simply share with all those who read that in my limited understanding of what may be the future, we’ve never been closer to radical shifts in human interaction and expectations from technology than we are today. A lot of things will change in the next 10years that will impact your social, economic and cultural affairs. So if you’re starting today, try and be part of this new curve. Do NOT build a Mobile App.