Inspired by this article that talks about productivity hacks, I've decided to change my morning routine for one week. Its an experiment to see what works best for my productivity.

Maybe, you should try it too :)

Moving away from To-dos, giving a shot to Scheduling.

My current routine: I wake up, brush my teeth, complete 2 sets of push ups and then dedicate sometime to list down the tasks I want to accomplish.

Starting tomorrow (20th Jan), I will stir things up a little. I will estimate and assign time for each of those tasks on my calendar instead of simply noting them down in a list of things to get done. The expected outcome is to actually tackle every single item on the list without forgetting about the lower priority stuff that keeps lingering on the bottom of my list.

If you're taking the experiment with me, comment below with "I'm in".

After one week, I will sync up with you to exchange results :)


Update (7/16): I tried this for one week, but realized that the environment was in at the time was not conducive for the a fair choice. Starting today, I am giving this another shot. Will update in a few months.