It was 2005 when I first started reading about reality distortion. I was trying to find my answer to one single question. What is the definition of 'reality'?

It was only in 2011 that I found that answer. Keep reading to find out how I define 'reality'.

But since then, I've been asking this question to almost every person I meet more than one time. This activity helps me gain perspective and potentially alter my definition, should someone have a new way of looking at our world. The deep dive into this question led me to discover my answer to another question,

Why are we (humans) perpetually looking for social acceptance?

The filtration of what we choose to post on our Social Media profiles, the books we read, the people we want to be seen next to and also the projects we choose to contribute to. All of this has one single common thread. How we want the world/society to think of us.

Early in our lives, we're conditioned by formal education, 'Man is a social animal'. We share the planet Earth with other humans and the Galaxy with potentially other beings. There is a code of conduct that must be followed to be accepted in the subset of "normal" people. One must adhere to the norms of society. A natural extension of this is that if society chooses to perceive you as a specific kind of person, you are it. Perception is reality.

Here is how I define reality,

Reality is an opinion accepted by a large subset of society.

So if you wanted to be good looking, you simply had to attain social acceptance on your looks. You could be abnormal looking, but with social acceptance, you can be most desirable. This is why platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are so popular. They allow you to try and portray only those parts of your life that boost the perception you wish to create about yourself. The followers on the other side with this limited glorified view, try to create a perception of your lifestyle and personality. You might say #nofilter on the image, but is there really "no filter" while choosing what you post? This is reality in action, being created and reinforced, everyday.

Many Lamborghini owners might not know what 'torque' actually means. But, they think that it can help them pick up girls from the street by simply honking. The latter makes a sticky story in memory, the former is "meh! some technical gibberish."

In today's world, to achieve happiness, what you truly need is social acceptance on how you wish to be perceived. It could be as simple as being someone with a nice ass. You derive more pleasure from the world knowing that you're beautiful, than feeling beautiful yourself. That in my opinion should not be the goal of our actions. Its far more fulfilling to truly feel good than be perceived to be the best.

So when I tell people that I distort reality, only a handful understand that I simply take some "rules" of society and bend them with the objective of making a positive impact. I ask of them, not to turn rogue, but to create their own opinions about things. Question and sometimes challenge the opinions that are widely accepted. Chances are that behind every widely accepted "fact" lies the answer to questions that have not been asked yet.

So next time you snap (chat) a moment of your life, think not only what your followers will think of you, but also of the person you really are.

My ultimate goal in life is to create a new consciousness. One that is more enlightened and present than the society we live in today. If you like what I say and want to hear more from me, please enter your email below. No spam ever, I promise.