1:12pm on 11th December 2015, I ordered lunch from FitKitchen. This was not the first time I was calling. In fact this was my 3rd order in that week. They serve appetizing portions of freshly made healthy foods. Yet something happened that day which led me to invest time into a new project. For the 3rd time in one week, they asked me to repeat my delivery address.

If you know me, you know that I'm constantly on the lookout for new exciting projects that I can contribute to. Not all of these are startup ideas that will go on to raise millions of $. They are things that bother/irritate a fairly large number of people in a lifetime. Their frequency is often enough for me to justify investing pro bono time and effort into building tools to solve the problem.

Turns out, on average we're entering/repeating our delivery address to people, restaurants, mobile apps etc. close to 6 times every month. Doesn't sound like a lot, right? But I know the frustration of explaining an address on the phone or having to type it out inside every new mobile app that I download.

Why is there no central repository of shipping/delivery addresses? Why cant I simply remember a PIN (like by credit card) that is linked to a specific address? Why can't I allow anyone to access my address with my mobile number + PIN?

Well, the best way to answer 'why' questions is to 'try' them.

So I did. Working with a super talented friend, we're building http://www.savedaddress.com/

This project aims to make sharing addresses safe & simple. We want to open source the complex CRM systems that restaurants need to save your addresses securely. But more importantly to maintain a central repository, so if you move to a new location, the data that everyone accesses is always up to date.

SavedAddress is 100% free to use for everyone, no bullshit.

Please click here & SignUp to save yourself the pain of repeating your address again.

Optionally, click here to search for anybody's address using just their mobile number.