Truth is the only thing that can set you free.

But if you're going to lie about something, you've probably done something you shouldn't have. The self-guilt should be your suffering for having done the act. The truth will let you come clean, but forever add burden on the one who is hurt by hearing the truth & who should never have suffered for your mistake.

What must one do?


Update (7/16) - I've invested time to learn more about how humans feel about this subject. My learnings over the last year have led me to an important realization. There is no excuse to justify consciously holding back the dissemination of truth. Knowingly holding back truthful information, even in the best interests of someone else is an anarchical way of addressing this issue. Sure I'd love to rule the world, but I would not want to be on the other side of this coin. As someone who could be kept away from the honest truth makes me feel like a puppet being played. Feeling handicapped by decisions made in the past that cannot be changed is something I wish for no one to experience. Hence, I must not become the cause for someone else to feel this way.

The truth sets us free and free we all must be.