There is a wildly accepted belief, that happiness is the end goal that one tries to achieve from everyday actions. A debatable conversation can easily be put to an end by bringing out the 'happiness card'. Say I were trying to explain to you why you should quit smoking. Assuming, you're not wise enough to accept it as an addiction, you will not allow someone to help you rehabilitate. In this case, your best chance at ending the conversation would be to say something like, "I know its bad for me, but it makes me happy. Isn't that why we do anything?"

You could easily derail the conversation and move it to a tangent whereby your opposition, in this case me, would be forced into proving why happiness is not the end goal.

Happiness, very similar to beliefs in general, cannot be reasoned with. However, one thing that intrigues me about this is why people use happiness as their defense mechanism to justify things that they might secretly know to be hurting them. We're not prioritizing happiness when it comes to the important things in our lives, our jobs for example. Why not use happiness to decide what you should be doing with your everyday? Imagine a world, where people's professions were actually defined by what made them happy. This "thing/activity" that gives you happiness may change from time to time and thats okay. Just for fun, think about shifting professions and learning skills, simply to feed the desire to be happy. I think people would create better things if it truly made them happy. 

In order to create beautiful things, you just need to give a shit about them. If you care about something enough, if you want it enough, you'll make it happen.